We're looking for people who satisfy the following requirements:

  • You're at least 21 years of age
  • You have a valid Ontario “G” driver's license (or equivalent)
  • You'll be driving with a vehicle 7 model years old or newer (at the moment, 2010 vehicles are still eligible until March 31, 2018)

City of Toronto ridesharing regulations require all rideshare drivers have separate PTC licenses for each rideshare platform. As long as you successfully complete your driver registration, we'll take care of your PTC license application for you. 

In order to apply for your Taxify PTC license, we require the following 5 documents:

  1. Full “G” class (or equivalent) Ontario Driver’s license: Must not be expired.

2.  Proof of eligibility to work in Canada:  This can be a Canadian citizenship card, Permanent Resident card, work/study permit, birth certificate, SIN card*, etc.

*NOTE: If your SIN begins with a 9, you will need to submit another proof of eligibility (such as work/study permit) as well.

3. Ontario Vehicle Registration: Vehicle cannot be salvaged or rebuilt (see image below), and must be 7 years or newer.

4. Vehicle Insurance: Private insurance. Must match the vehicle being registered, must list partner's name (either on the pink slip or on the policy statement from the provider), and must be NOT expired.

5. VALID Safety Standards Certificate: Must be submitted to us within 36 days from date of inspection. We've partnered with a few MTO authorized mechanics around the city to offer this service at a discount-- find out more here.

Ready to sign up?

You can sign up and upload your documents through the Taxify Driver app, or from our website.

Download the App:

Desktop website: 

Still have questions? Learn more about the Partner registration process here.

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