In order to take part in Toronto ridesharing, the City of Toronto requires drivers satisfy certain requirements, including holding a Private Transportation Company (PTC) license. The following details what that means for Taxify Partners.


Cars must be 7 years or newer, in good condition*, and must have passed a safety inspection in the past 36 days.

We want to ensure our Partners and our riders have a safe and enjoyable experience. Read more about vehicle requirements here.

All rideshare drivers require a Private Transportation Company (PTC) license (for the City of Toronto, Missisauga, and Oakville).

Once a Taxify Partner has satisfied the above requirements, we will submit a PTC license application to the city on their behalf. Note that the City requires a separate PTC license for each private ride-share platform a driver works with.  


Taxify Partners must display a Taxify sticker on their vehicle.

Local bylaw regulations require all partners to display the correct sticker on their vehicle while driving with Taxify. Once the City of Toronto approves your PTC license, we will provide you with a Taxify sticker, which you can pick up at our Toronto Taxify Partner Centre.


*Please note that for the winter season (December 1- April 30), the City of Toronto requires all PTC licensed drivers to have vehicles equipped with winter or all-weather tires. Read more about vehicle requirements here.

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