In order to drive as part of a rideshare company in the GTA, all drivers must abide by municipal Vehicle-For-Hire and PTC Driver regulations. 

Before you get on the road with Taxify, please read ALL rules and regulations that pertain to you as a Vehicle-For-Hire and PTC Driver, to ensure you're driving safely and legally. We've outlined a few important ones below, but you can read up on all the rules and regulations in the Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 546 here.

Documentation to be carried:

The following documents must be carried on you (or in your vehicle) at all times and, upon request, produced to Municipal Licensing & Standards (ML&S):

(1) Ontario driver's license;

(2) PTC driver's licence issued by ML&S;

(3) Proof of applicable insurance;

(4) A copy of the most recent mechanical safety inspection certificate issued for the

PTC vehicle; and

(5) Evidence of a trip in progress or the last completed trip

Completion of yearly background screenings: 

As is standard with all rideshare companies in Toronto, Taxify Partners complete yearly background screenings, reviewing their driving and criminal records.

Serving riders with service animals:

You must serve any and all persons with service animals. It is against the law to:

(1) refuse to serve the person; 

(2) Refuse to permit the person and the service animal to enter the licensed vehicle; 


(3) Refuse to permit the person and service animal to remain in the vehicle. 

Allowing or disallowing persons with non-service animals is at the discretion of you as the driver of the vehicle. If you feel comfortable allowing a non-service animal in your vehicle you are more than welcome to but if you do not want to you are not expected to do so.

Serving riders with small children & infants:

Ontario's Highway Traffic Act requires children to use a booster seat if they:

  • Weigh 18 kg to 36 kg (40 to 80 lb.);
  • Are shorter in height than 145 cm (4 ft. 9 in.) tall;
  • and who are under the age of 8. 

The laws apply to persons driving in Ontario, whether it is a personal vehicle, or a ride-sharing vehicle. The parent or caregiver should provide you with the proper car seat or booster seat. If none is provided to you we ask that you politely cancel the trip and leave a comment letting us know why. 

Use of mobile/cellular devices:

You are not permitted to communicate on a mobile device while passengers are in the vehicle, except in an emergency.

Smoking & alcohol consumption:

Neither you nor any of your passengers shall use a hookah or smoke, (ex. lit cigar, cigarette, pipe, or any other lit smoking equipment), in the vehicle. You also may not possess or consume or be under the influence of any liquor or alcohol while operating your vehicle.

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