To make time driving with Taxify more effective, drivers can accept rides before they finish their ongoing rides.

That means Taxify Driver app will send you next ride requests a few minutes before you drop-off the current client at their destination.

We call this feature "Back to Back" rides

Here's how it works:

  1. You will receive Incoming Next Ride request while on an order.
  2. Once ride request is accepted you will see estimated arrival time to next rider.
  3. During ongoing order, you will see next pickup point at the top of the screen.

Main points

  1. You will get these requests only if current client destination is set by the client or you in the Driver app.
  2. Before confirming the next trip request, confirm with the current client that their destination is final.
  3. After your drop-off, a client, proceed to the next pickup point immediately. Otherwise, the client might cancel the request.
  4. If you decline next ride requests, this will affect your finished rate and might cause account blocks.
  5. If you don't want to receive next ride requests for an ongoing trip, disable "Accept next ride" in ride menu as shown below.

To increase your efficiency, add final destinations whenever a client doesn't do so. That way we will send you the next client near your final destination to increase your earnings and reduce your wait time for orders.

Make sure your Taxify Driver app is updated to take advantage of this feature. 

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