If you have not registered as a Taxify Driver yet, you can do this here.

If you have registered, but have not downloaded the Taxify Driver application, you can do it now from Google Play Store or Apple Store.


  • Smartphone or tablet with Android 4.1+ / iOS 8.0+ on iPhone
  • Mobile Internet (3G) and GPS
  • Car charger, otherwise the battery will run out in 5-6 hours
  • Confirmed Taxify Driver account.
  • If you don't have a smartphone yet, then we recommend to check out local shops for any cheap Android phones.

Log in and the opening screen:

Log in with your chosen username and password. Your username and password will be saved on the first login.

The opening screen displays the average rating, activity score, today's earnings and current surge. You can also see a more detailed view of your earnings and activity by clicking on the "Earnings" or "Activity" field. You can change the car you will be working with in "Settings" and start receiving orders by swiping the GO ONLINE button!

PS. If the surge is on you will notice a red rectangle in the upper right corner displaying the multiplier.

Waiting for orders:

You can accept orders in this view. 

  • Choose your working radius from the radius selection buttons (+ and -).
  • When a new order pops up, you'll instantly see the clients address and their distance from you. Select an approximate time of arrival and press "ACCEPT RIDE".
  • If you want to end your shift, simply swipe GO OFFLINE button.

PS. Your displayed position depends on the GPS signal, so it might be a bit off when driving between higher buildings.

  • If you don't want to receive orders, you can swipe the GO OFFLINE mode.
  • If you are ready to pick up customers, simply swipe the GO ONLINE button.

PS. You can still access your inbox, rides info and settings when you are ONLINE.

New order and driving to your client:

The new order view automatically pops up when a new order comes in.

  • You have up to 20 seconds to answer.
  • Once you accept the order, You can see the clients address and location on the map.
  • When you click the ARRIVING NOW button, the client will receive a notification.

Waiting for the client:

  • When the client has arrived, swipe the START TRIP button.
  • If the client doesn't appear in 5 minutes, click on the CANCEL button

You can also contact the client from this view.

  • The client phone number and name are shown in the application screen.
  • You can call the customer by clicking on the phone number in the application: the phone dialler will open.
  • When the client has arrived, swipe the START TRIP button.
  • If the client doesn't respond click CANCEL. We will contact the client for the cancellation.

Driving to the destination and navigation:

In this view, you can set the destination and see it on the map.

  • If the client has entered the destination to their app it will appear to you automatically.
  • Press the blue navigation icon to go to Navigation mode.
  • You can navigate with Wase or Google Maps from the menu bar.
  • Once you have arrived to destination, swipe END RIDE button.

Confirm the price and rate the client:

After the ride confirm the price calculated by the app.

  • If the client uses Taxify payment method do not ask them to pay in the car.

For the final step rate the client and swipe CONFIRM and you'll be back in Waiting for Rides view.

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