We encourage all drivers to use a modern smartphone. Older, non-standard phones and tablets are often not powerful enough to run Taxify without problems.

Your device must have sufficient capacity to keep the driver app operating. When choosing the device, make sure that it supports 4G Internet. 

Please make sure to use the most recent driver version of the app.

Go to either Google Play Store or App store, find Taxify Driver app and download it. 

We strongly encourage you to use the automatic app updating function in order to always have the most recent version on:


Open Google Play Store
Tap "Menu" and then "My Applications and Games'
Choose Taxify Driver app and tap "More"
Check the box next to "Auto-update"
If necessary, also update your Google Play Service app (used by Google Play in order to keep your other smartphone apps up to date)


Go to "Settings"
Tap "iTunes & App Store"
Check that "Automatic Updates" are enabled for apps

Finally, make sure that you are using the fast 4G Internet. Every month you should consider data usage of ca. 1-2 GB.

For this please contact your mobile internet service provider.

What to do if a problem occurs during a client ride?

1. If the app crashes, restart your device. Travel information is available on our servers and you don't need to worry about the ride being ended because of the rebooting.

2. If a restart doesn't work, agree on a reasonable price taking the distance and time into account. Do a fare review and inform us as soon as possible.

3. If the customer has selected Taxify mobile payment as the payment method and your app crashed making you unable to finish the ride, then agree on a reasonable price with the client. As soon as the app starts working again, do the fare review according to the agreement with the client. Make sure you inform us of any disagreements.

What to do if the app is stuck loading?

The app will stay stuck loading if your Internet connection has problems. To verify that Internet is working properly just try to open some popular webpage like msn.com or wikipedia.com. In case webpages do not open properly, drive a few hundred meters away and try again (preferably without the client – if necessary, make a price agreement).

Price review should always be done if there was an issue with the fare.

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