One can manually request a fare review for any trip in the event you or the rider is uncomfortable with the fare displayed at the end of the trip, either low or extremely high fares. This is due to GPS error, poor or no data connection.

In case of any pricing issues kindly follow the below instruction:


When you end the trip and the fare is incorrect according to you or the client, kindly inform the client that you will send the trip for fare review and once the office recalculates they will receive a receipt with the correct amount.

Step 2

Please click on fare review as per below diagram:

Step 3

Fill in the expected estimate amount and any extra information that would give us more detail about the trip for accurate calculation as per below diagram.

Step 4

Now you can end the trip after completing step 3.

Step 5

Kindly ask the client to pay the estimate fare on the client app as we resolve the issue. Once the trip is calculated it will reflect on your app and the client will receive a receipt with the correct amount. 

Step 6

Follow up with the client:

  •  If the amount paid by rider is less than the reviewed amount contact the client and politely request for additional amount.
  • If the amount paid by rider is in excess of the reviewed amount kindly make the necessary refund.

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