• Please visit https://partners.taxify.eu
  • Our platform only caters for driver sign-ups. Therefore vehicle owners should ask their drivers to use the vehicle owner's email address and banking details when signing up.

To Get Activated, You would need to;

Get your vehicle Inspected at any of AutoGenius inspection centers. Visit here to schedule an inspection. Costs 2,000 Naira

Kindly proceed to the inspection center with the required vehicle documents.  See required documents here

FINAL STEP - Visit us for App Training
Visit here for enquiries and support

Training times: Monday - Friday - 11am - 2pm daily  (Each session lasts for 1 hour)

Come along to the App training with

  1. Inspection Report (AutoGenius)
  2. Vehicle Comprehensive Insurance
  3. Valid Drivers License

Welcome on-board Partner. Riders Await you.

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