Fare review is a process used to review and edit a trip fare, making it possible for a more accurate fare to be presented. Fare reviews can either be triggered automatically or manually.

Fare reviews are triggered automatically either in the event your app crashes mid-trip or the trip fare is above the fare limit ₦7000. When this happens kindly go to your ride history and report a technical problem on the said trip. Fare reviews are completed between 24-48Hrs. 

Driver-partners can manually request fare reviews for any trip in the event they are uncomfortable with the fare displayed at the end of the trip. Manual fare review is usually due to Low fares or extremely high fares. This is due to the following factors

i. GPS Error-- Kindly update your driver App to the latest version and use a recommended device. Be guided by our list of recommended devices here

ii. Poor Internet connectivity and no data subscription. Always have a backup data plan.

 Whether it fares are quite low or very high, you need not become frustrated. All you need do is ' Request a Fare Review'. Here is how you do it;

How to request a Fare Review

2. Fill in the following

  1. Your expected fare amount
  2. Pick up location & Destination. Also, mention any stops you had in-between
  3. Inform us you collected any amount from the rider in the case of cash trips.

3. Send a report to our support team immediately.

    Here is how you send a message to us.

i. Go to your trip history 

Fare reviews are completed between 24 -48hrs based on its MERIT taking into consideration the pricing template and the information provided by you, so keep an eye out on your trip history. Once a review is completed, a receipt is sent immediately to the rider.
For card trips, the reviewed fare would be taken from the rider's account and your balances would reflect this.

For cash trips - At the end of the trip, kindly inform the rider that you have requested a fare review and that an updated receipt would be sent . At this point you can decide to collect cash from based on the price estimate from the pickup location to the destination or wait on the fare review to be done and an updated receipt sent to the rider.

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