• A driver does his/her trips from Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59
  • Immediately afterwards, we calculate how much commission is owed on the app trips and cash trips for the week. 
  • This calculation is as follows. [Starting balance for the week + App payments - app commission - cash trips commission]
  • On the following Monday, a balances statement will be sent via email, detailing the calculation referred to above

If you have a positive balance as at Sunday 23:59:

  • If the amount is more than R200, we will pay this out into the bank account details linked to the driver account on Tuesdays (please allow 2-3 working days for the amount to reflect in your bank account)
  • If the amount is less than R200, we will carry this amount over and it will be your new starting balance for the new week

If you have a negative balance as at Sunday 23:59:

  • This means that you have probably done a whole lot more cash trips than app trips
  • You need to pay this balance into our bank account (details will be below)
  • We prefer that you EFT the amount. Please use the driver's name and surname as a reference
  • Please send us the proof of payment to johannesburg@taxify.eu (for JHB, CPT and DBN)

At the end of each month we will send an invoice to you that will show what your balance is. This is just to update you with activity for the month. Please refer to the above regarding what to do if the invoice is negative

There are some exceptions that could cause balances to differ from what you expect as at Sunday 23:59

  • Any app or cash trip that is over R400 always has to be reviewed by us. So if our team is not able to complete all reviews by Sunday 23:59, the particular trip(s) will form part of the following weeks balances
  • If we do not capture the EFT that you have made to the Taxify account by the time you check your balance, this will also cause it to differ
  • Some trips enter fare review either because the driver has requested a fare review or GPS miscalculation errors, therefore if these are not yet solved this may also cause your balance to differ

Useful resources

  • To see a breakdown of all your trips, please log into http://partners.taxify.eu and select "My rides" on the far left
  • To see how much you have been paid each week, select "compensations"
  • Send all payment queries to johannesburg@taxify.eu (for JHB, CPT and DBN)

Taxify SA bank details

First National Bank
Acc Holder: Taxify South Africa
Acc No: 62651977369
Branch Code: 250655
Cheque Account

Please use the driver name and surname as the reference

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