Taxify launches in Sydney officially TOMORROW, December 12th. Here are a few reminders to get you started:

  1. Refresh your memory on how to use our app here
  2. Make sure you have the latest version of the Taxify Driver app (Android or iOS)
  3. Understand how the clients’ discounts work
  4. Stay connected in the city during peak hours and during the weekend to be eligible for bonuses.

Your login credentials:

Earn money in multiple ways.

As a driver with Taxify, you're able to earn money in multiple ways:

  • Taxify only charges 15% commission enabling you to keep a greater share from each fare
  • By completing more trips you unlock weekly activity bonuses. If you complete trips during peak hours, you'll be eligible to receive peak-hour bonuses too.
  • We're also offering 80% per trip top-ups to drivers during our launch period, to compensate drivers for the 50% discount in fares that we are offering to riders.

For details about the current week's bonuses, please visit this page:

We hear you.

Sydney has been suffering from a lack of competition for years, so we’re excited to bring a new way to ride to in the city, with fairer conditions for both drivers & riders.

We're as excited as you are about the launch and look forward to partnering with you in the long-term.

Taxify Australia

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