To comply with new regulations in NSW, all drivers are required to have a Passenger Transport Licence Code (PTLC) added to their driver’s licence. 

If you don’t have one, you will need to apply with NSW Transport Roads & Maritime Services (RMS). You can access the RMS form here

Applying for the PTLC is free. It takes only 5 minutes to complete and you can expect to hear back from RMS within 14 business days.

The following will be requested by RMS during the application process:

  • A valid NSW Driver’s Licence
  • Proof of identification - e.g. a valid Passport or Australian Birth Certificate
  • Completion of a commercial standard medical test (if you declare a medical condition). 

If you held a valid Driver Authority on 31 October 2017, you will be automatically transitioned to the new regulatory framework. You will receive a letter from RMS to inform you of the process and what action to take. Please contact RMS if you have not received this letter. 

Point to Point Transport Factsheet

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