You will be required to provide a criminal background check that is less than 3 months old. This is regardless of whether you purchased one when getting a driver authority in the past. 

If you have a criminal background check from an ACIC accredited agency that was completed this year, simply send it through to us at

Our preferred partner is Checked.
The cost of a criminal background check is $39.05
Required Documents: Passport and Australian Driver Licence

Follow the instructions below to attain a criminal background check.

1. Visit and click 'Start your police check now'

2. Fill in your personal details and click next or the green bars.
3. You will receive an SMS or Email code. Input this code into the required field and click next.

5. Click 'continue to payment'
6. Put in your payment details and click 'continue to payment'
7. Click 'Finalise Details'
8. Fill in your details and continue.
    Details to provide include birthday, birthplace and address
9. You will be asked to provide your previous name if you have had any. Continue to        next step otherwise.
Note: Not providing these details may delay your application
10. Review and finalise your identity

11. You will be asked to upload your proof of identity documents, either by phone or other gadgets

  • If you select phone, you will receive an SMS link which takes you to your browser where you can then upload any of the documents listed. Otherwise you simply need to upload pictures via your computer

12. If you chose to upload photos with your phone, you will receive an SMS with a link like below

13. Click the link and it will take you to your browser. Scroll down until you find Australian Passport. Then click on "Upload this ID"

Note: The easiest procedure is to upload an image of your passport and driver licence (total score of 110 ID points)

14. Scroll down to the section below and tap 'Choose File'. You can choose between taking pictures or uploading stored photos

15. Tap 'Upload this ID' and repeat steps 13-14 for Australian Driver Licence

16. When you have uploaded both documents, scroll down and tap 'Finalise Police Check' 

17. You're done! Your criminal check will take anywhere between an hour to 24 hours to process. Once you receive your check via email, forward it to

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