You are required to provide a driving record that is less than 3 months old, even if you have already completed one when applying for a driver authority card in the past. 

We can accept any driving records that have been completed this year.
The cost of a driving record is $22

The following shows how to get a driving record:

1. Visit

2. Click Order Online

3. Click Login or Register (if you haven't got a service NSW account)

(Once you login, you may have to connect RMS to your Service NSW account. Instructions for that can be found here.)

4. Accept the Terms and Conditions and click Next

5. Select 'Buy an online driving record'

6. Click Submit

7. Fill in your payment details and click Next

8. Once you click next, your driver record will be produced instantaneously. Simply click on the link saying "Download your driving record" to collect your document. Once you have downloaded your record, simply email it to along with your name.

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