To ease the registration process and reduce the upfront costs with becoming a Taxify Driver, Taxify will pay for particular required documents upfront if obtained via our Partner links (below) before recovering the costs from applicants once they commence driving.

This explains why some drivers may notice a negative account balance or deduction after completing their first trip. The total deducted will differ depending on what documents were paid for by Taxify.

What documents will Taxify pay for on the Driver's behalf during the registration process?

Taxify will pay for new criminal background checks ($39.05) and vehicle safety checks ($40.00) on the applicant's behalf, before recovering the costs from applicants once they start driving. Once you've submitted your application, unique links will be sent to you directly to order your report and inspection.

Other required documents such as the Online Driving Record are not included but can be obtained instantly online from your MyServiceNSW account.

How does Taxify recover the cost of these documents?

Once drivers complete their first trip, the costs of the above documents will be charged to the Driver via a deduction to their account balance. The fee will be included in your commission deduction and appear as a "Fee (Initial fee)" on your account statement.

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If you have any questions regarding unusual charges to your account, you can reach out to our 24/7 support team by email at 

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